Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The sequel of the amazing spider-man comes into action this April with its premiere held in London on 10th April 2014. People who go to watch this movie must have slight idea about what was in previous movie so as to link it with the sequel. The Peter Parker in this movie has a bit dull personality with his huge ego and whines a lot.

Gwen Stacy is one of the attraction of the movie which seems to fit in the movie just fine with her superb acting skills. In this movie, Jamie Foxx is the new evil, he is a nerd who gets caught with genetically modified electric eels in his laboratory and turn into blue devil who feeds on electricity. He has the power of not only killing people with his electric ray, but can even consume all the electricity of New York leading to black-out in whole of the Manhattan region.

Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s old friend wants to kill Spiderman to extract his blood as his blood is a source of making him immortal. He sends various beasts to kill him and get what he wants.
Watch the movie as things go into mayhem for Peter Parker and his quest to destroy the evil.

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