Thursday, 17 April 2014


Watch as the Lego blocks come to life in the movie “The Lego Movie” an American computer animated comedy and action film directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller based on Lego line of construction toys. The story revolves around Emmet, a simple Lego toy person who is prophesied to save people of Lego Universe from annihilation by mean and devilish Lost Business.
In the movie, a wizard named Vitruvius is on a goal to protect a powerful weapon called “Kragle” but unfortunately, it falls on bad hand as the devilish Lord Business manages to steal away that weapon. Then Vitruvius prophesizes that a person shall come who will find the Piece of Resistance. Years after a construction worker Emmet Brickowski falls in a pit at his construction site and finds the piece of resistance. He is tempted and touch that piece and after that he gets weird visions and faints. When he wakes up he find himself with Lord Business’s Lieutenant “Bad Cop”. Emmet realizes the evil plan of Lord Business.

The movie roles as Emmet initially loathed by others as of having no creativity and no one believing in him turns himself to become a super-hero of the Lego World. Emmet and his alliance fight together achieve the victory wizard Vitruvius dreamt of.

This movie is a family movie and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It does manages to impart a moral lesson at the end of the story.

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