Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Oculus is a 2013 American Horror movie directed Mike Flanagan with lead actress Karen Gillan and actor Brenton Thwaites playing the role of Kaylie and Tim respectively.
In this movie, Kaylie is a young women and his younger brother Tim is convicted of being a culprit for killing his own father. He is sent to mental asylum because of his conviction that a possessed demon made him kill his dad and his dad to kill his mother. He said he killed his dad because he saw his dad kill his mother.

Kaylie is left alone in this mayhem waiting for brother’s release. After few years, Tim is released and they go on a quest to solve the mystery behind the strange killings caused by the demon possessed antique mirror. They get to know that every previous owner had somewhat same story and met the same fate. Later on they realized that the mirror made them see what it wanted to.
Watch the horror filled movie as the mirror tries to devastate their life, hurting them in every way possible. In a scene, the mirror makes Kaylie eat a light bulb instead of apple. As the movie progresses, the story starts to unfold with Kaylie and Tim’s quest to prove their and their parent’s innocence. This isn’t easy as the mirror will do anything to stop them and kill them.

This movie will surely give you Goosebumps so make sure you’re not weak-hearted before you watch this movie.

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