Monday, 28 April 2014


A detective does not look different, he/she simply looks at things differently. Rajeev Khandelwal’s trying-to-be-like-Sherlock Holmes- act failed miserably right on to this premise adding to the struggle that Bollywood has always had in gauging detectives. Despite of having a Bengali director, who is well known to the biggest reserve on detective literature, still the film ends up being a weak and a half-hearted disappointing attempt to amaze us.

SamratTilakdhari played by Rajeev Khandelwal, along with his friend Chakradhar, are called upon to investigate some mysterious occurring in Mahendra Singh’s estate in Shimla region. The list of incidents ranges from plants losing out their chlorophyll to a horse found dead under very strange circumstances and even few paranormal activities. As a coat cladded and spiked hairSamrat advances to reason out these occurrences, a murder takes place in the place where he was investigating. And this is what triggers a trail of ‘kaatilkaunhai’ kind of episodes and the juggle of truth and lies where eventuallySamrat’s triumph at the end in identifying the culprit.

Right from the word go, the film is filled with many eye sore flaws that will irk you most of times. Speaking less, observing more, and executing the most is the trademark of any detective. Samrat does just the same, but in the reverse way around. He has the maximum number lines in this film, and speaks so fast that he is nearly untraceable many times. Plots like a forced hand-to-hand combat, foolish statements by Samrat, an irrelevant romantic angle took away the credibility of movie and characters.