Thursday, 1 May 2014


Cameron Diaz stars in the movie as Carly, a lawyer in the city of New York who discovers that her businessman boyfriend named Mark: a womanizer played by Danish actor named NikolajCoster-Waldau, is married to someone when she suddenly shows up at his Connecticut door searching for him.

Mark’s wife named Kate is played by Leslie Mann seeks to returns this favor by showing up at Carly’s office and then to her apartment to seek her advice.
And if that wasn’t enough for Carly, she finds out that she is not Mark’s sole primary lover.  Apparently, he’s got a more prior – beautiful – and younger – second mistress named Amber who is played by super-model Kate Upton.

So eventually, Carly and Kate approach to Amber, and soon the three of them are sympathizing each other.  And what do they discover? You guessed it right: that there is yet a fourth woman in Mark’s life.

Yes, he’s three-timing them all.  The Other Woman has now become The Other Women.
Can this guy multitask so immensely?
The Other Woman is in the broad and dark-comedy vein version of Horrible Bosses.
But it also serves as a ferocious feminist whose fantasy is devoted to the serial seducer’s fate that is sometimes funny – especially when Leslie Mann is on the big screen – but not nearly as funny they it thinks it is.

As the odd-couple screen team, Mann and Diaz are a fun to watch, committed gamely to the madcap style, willing to look really ridiculous, open to and comfortable with physical comedy as well, and can be very funny together with straight woman Diaz’s sophisticated scheming bouncing off ditzy Mann’s babe-in-the-woods like innocence.