Saturday, 26 April 2014


The film rides from the personal touch to the political arena, the emotional to the egregious avatar, and from simply absurd to a deadly serious. Most of the part of the movie, Revolver Rani hits a bull’s eye. It is both uproariously hilarious and deeply dangerously disturbing, just the right kind of material which is right up Kangana Ranaut’s street. Kangana leads from a crackling and corrosively sharp edge to the main central character of a tough as a iron nail woman who is  in a mug’s game.

Vir Das is totally a misfit in this world. But this is exactly what he is really meant to be,  a man who is completely out of his depth in the roughs & tumbles of hinterland. Zakir Hussain perfectly cast as a strongman who always and forever on his back foot. He moves back and forth between bafflement and bravado with an effortless ease .Also to be noted is Piyush Mishra’s characteristically superfine and consistent performance. Kangana Ranaut film seemed to be increasingly acquiring the major proportion of a genre of her own self. It neither needs a saleable male co-stars nor needs the tried and boring tested conventions of Bollywood blockbusters in general .Revolver Rani might lack star power, but it definitely has no dearth on firepower.