Friday, 28 March 2014


This story is all about how a couple starts conflicting in a marriage. “SHAADI” is the next step to “PYAAR”. In this movie, the lead role is of Siddharth played by Farhan Akhtar and Trisha played by VidyaBalan. Sid and Trisha are in love and their love life eventually takes the turn of marriage. Everything goes well with two earning people and no baby, but this doesn’t last long as soon Trisha gets pregnant and gets all moody. Sid tries to cope up but it gets really frustrating about it. Trisha quits her job with lowers the family income. On friend’s advice, Sid starts reading pregnancy books and follow Trisha’s chores by putting up a balloon over his own belly. After a while Trisha gives birth to a baby gal and gives all her time to her offspring. This agitates Sid further as Trisha has no time for her making him very desperate. Trisha’s mother has a presumption that Sid is a careless person n won’t be able to cater to Trisha and her daughter’s needs. Sid feels bad about it and tries his best to be a family guy. But on one day, when Sid takes his daughter out for a walk, he forgets her in the market. Sid is really depressed with all this and goes to Trisha’s brother law Ranveer, who poses a character of any ideal family guy. Ranveer confesses that even he gets frustrated and what he does is go out with an excuse of office trip and stays in a hotel enjoying a bachelor life. Sid takes this idea and does the same. After a while he had to stop this reason being Trisha gets an expensive governess so Sid had to cut down on his expenses.

The story revolves around how Sid tries to struggle through all this problem of marriage, trying ever other alternative of becoming a family guy and proving her mother-in-law wrong. Watch the movie as things slowly unfold with high drama and hilarious dialogues. First half of the movie is very interesting but the second half is a bit of a drag.

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