Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Transcendence centers around the intersection of man with machine. It forecasts the future where the digital devices we use can operate from thinking or feeling actualization. And yet, this film does very little in  provoking any these thoughts or feelings, courtesy to the thin script along with thin characters and one mega-star who seemingly never shows up. It Based upon a shallow story, performances of actors, and a very serious tone.

Depp is charged with bringing a sentient, an emotional machine to life, and yet he plays the character of a one-dimensioned  human. He doesn't get really upset nor he ever gets angry  and never is amused. All you can do is feel his presence. Depp is a proven talented actor who is capable of providing a wide range of emotion, but in this movie, he doesn't put those capabilities to use. It is a real shame for this. Transcendence has fundamentally issued beyond Depp but would have helped more if the film’s lead actor had actually participated in the movie actively .

To give credits to the movie, Transcendence looks really amazing, especially with the glimmers of beauty of nature comprising of roaring mountain view on one side and stunning stretches of river over the other. It cannot be denied that Wally Pfister can make a very good-looking film as a seasoned director in love of photography, he is a master of visual imagery for various movies. But unfortunately, he shows no command over the movie in terms of movie as a whole.