Thursday, 24 April 2014


Kevin Costner now a days is so far away from Bull Durham and Field of Dreams that now associating him with any sports film, let alone a good one seems like almost impossible.
Draft Day looks so uninteresting while Tin Cup looks just like an Oscar candidate.

Sonny played by Kevin Costner who is the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns league, struggles to get to the number one draft pick for his recent failing franchise while Sonny needs to desperately turn his team to emerge as winners. Football fanatics may seem to enjoy all the mindless efforts of the drama in the movie with all the question going inside his mind are that will he get the pick or will some steal it away or should he trade?
in my opinion, it was more fun to catch the cameos by the famous Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar or the real-life Browns who is the CEO of Joe Banner than it was to endure the “hype” and “excitement” of draft day.

Just to reiterate all this  Moneyball the rip-off just couldn't find any strong footing and the first half is left boring.
If we skip the add-in distractions of romantic subplot between Costner and Garner (yes, it seems quite unlikely onscreen as well)  mixed with cliche family drama, Draft Day would have becomes another big embarrassment for the Browns franchise.