Saturday, 12 April 2014


Rio 2 is a computer animated3D movie, a sequel of original Rio (2011) produced by “Blue Sky Studios” and director of the movie is Carlos Saldanha. Jewel and Flu are back in the movie and they aren’t alone as now they have 3 kids with them. They are on an expedition to Amazon rainforests to meet other macaws who are quite rare now.

There are too many character and plots in this movie making it a little hard to understand and memorize all the characters. The voice imparted to characters is impressive and the animation is also tremendously detailed. The interaction displayed between the birds and humans is established in a very natural way and nothing seems to have been exaggerated in the movie.

The role of enemy is the same as in prequel movie old nemesis Nigel the cockatoo. Who is on his journey to take revenge from macaws for what they did to him in the previous part of the movie. Watch the battle as Jewel and Flu fight not just for their race but also for their children.
So the crux of this review is that overall, the movie is one time watch and it will attract people of young age, but after a while it becomes a little boring until you reach the ending half an hour of the movie.