Friday, 11 April 2014


Bhoothnath Returns is a sequel of original Bhoothnath and it takes the story forward. When he returns to the Bhoot World, he is disgraced with taunts and condemnation by other ghosts making bhoothnath isolated. When he searches for reason he gets to know that it's because of bringing disrespect to community of ghosts as he gets bullied by a small child in its previous movie. After all this humiliation, Bhoothnath decides to redeem his respect and comes back to earth as ghost to scare off some kids.

In his try to scare off kids he meets Akhrot who is a slum kid. He is the only one who can see him. They understand each other’s need and agree to solve each other’s problem. This gives rise to their friendship which is for a greater cause than they could ever have imagined. In order to reach their goal, they need to defeat one of the most powerful and most corrupt politician of all time “Bhau”.
The question is that in this world where common man fears politics, can the ghost of a common man can eradicate this fear and let be victorious over bad people?

Bhoothnath Returns is an interesting movie with good moral teaching of victory of good over bad.