Monday, 7 April 2014


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a sequel of the original Captain America. In this, Captain America is trying hard to adjust into this new modern word as he is woken up after a very deep cryogenic sleep deep under the thick ice. But now the world is facing even more grave threat than before. Under secret hideout in Russia, they’ve developed a soldier who is very strong, fast and has a motive of destroying America. Captain America stands tall and strong in order to stop him from creating all the menace in State of America by this strong winter soldier. The movie becomes intense as the plot gets reviled. With the bad guys deep rooted in many organization, Captain America is marked as a traitor and has to fight his own government as well as winter soldier for the good of his country. Watch him fight through all his trouble with only thing to drive is his strong motive and brave heart. He manages to get along with members with him and sets his target to save his country. In the end, they show the rise of another power from Loki’s receptor. This movie is a sure shot watch with all the excitement and action.

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