Friday, 2 May 2014


The sight of Elizabeth Banks draped in a tight, short and clingy yellow dress for most of the time she’s running is one of the primary pleasure of watching “Walk of Shame” which is Steven Brill's latest one-note comedy movie in which the actress, much like that of her hapless character, does her level best in order to survive under trying circumstances she’s stuck in. Playing as a television news reporter, she is forced to traverse the mean streets of Los Angeles on foot without money or cell phone or an id card. Banks succeeds in mining away a few laughs from the otherwise strained and contrived proceedings.

Getting almost drunk dead, Elizabeth Banks unfortunately manages to get her foot stuck in a night dance club's fire escape, only to be rescued by some fortunate handsome passing by stranger named Gordon played by James Marsden. After all this, the drunkenness concluded to “one-night stand”. She slinks out of Gordon’s apartment, only to discover that her car being been towed with her purse, ID and phone still inside that car, and adding to her problem, within few hours she has to appear for the most important job interview of her life.