Monday, 21 April 2014


2 States is based on famous novel of Chetan Bhagat on his own love story about he found his soul-mate but was that it? Is falling in love each other means a happy ending? Well the answer is “NO”, loving someone isn’t sufficient to make a happy ending as in India the main problem of a relation is to make their respective parents happily accept them and accept each other’s family.

Krish Malhotra played by Arjun Kapoor and Ananya Swaminathan played by Alia Bhatt meet at Indian Institute of Ahmedabad IIM-A) and gradully fall in love. It takes some time for them to reach the stage of marrying each other. This part of the film is light and sweet, with both Krish and Ananya rubbing each other off, and manage to create some electricity while they tumble in-out of bed and class and graduating day ceremonies.

But now comes the most difficult part when as they are try to convince each other’s parents to agree for this marriage as their parents are completely against this marriage reason being Krish belongs to Punjabi family while Ananya belongs to Tamil family. Both Krish and Ananya trying their best to accommodate themselves to this new cultural environment.
Watch the movie what really happens and how Krish and Ananya go through all the trouble with all their love strengthening their fighting power. Even though you won’t find any suspense if you’ve read Chetan Bhagat’s book “2 States” as the movie is completely same as in the story of the book yet it will make you go all emotional with Krish and Ananya’s cupid love. In my opinion this movie is surely a must watch.